My Summary of Learning!

Hey everyone! I actually can’t believe that the semester is already over and I’m going to lie I truly will miss all of you. I learned so much in the past two months and am super thankful to have gained this knowledge moving forward in my education career. Belie you will see the video I made for my summary of learning I had 4 major takeways that included:

  1. Learning what the purpose of zoom and being able to use it weekly
  2. Creating our Professional Learning Networks
  3. Learning how to create and use my wordpress and the different elements it has
    1. Also using my learning project as a means of building my positive network on my wordpress
  4. The importance and understand of using twitter
  5. The presentation of Alec Couros and his beliefs of digital identity and building a network


I have also included a written script to anyone that wants a little more insight to my learning and summary!

Hi my name, is laura, a soon to be third year elementary education student at the university of Regina. Welcome to my summary of learning for EDTC 300! I have definitely thought a lot about what I have learned throughout this class and what I wanted to include for this final learning video. This class enabled me to think back to the ways in which social media sites have evolved over the years. I remember in about grade six using the MSN chat rooms and how I used it to communicate and talk with others. This brought back memories to when I was about Amanda Todd’s age and related to her story with the same type of social outing. When I first started this class I thought it would be easy. I thought “well I do have all types of social media account so it will be easy for me!.” I was pretty active on Facebook and Instagram and of course like any other middle schooler in school nowadays I was also on snapchat. However, I didn’t realize until the first day of class that even though I was active on these account that I would be doing a lot more than just posting on these sites. I’m not going to lie, it frightened me to have to talk or be seen in front of my whole class online. I had no idea that we would be learning so much more about the internet and ways to incorporate new ideas into online resources! I was super excited to learn new and exciting things

  1. Zoom was the very first video chat room that I have been apart of. Each Tuesday and Thursday evening our EDTC 300 class would meet in our own video conferencing room. We used a code to enter the chat each time our class started. I loved the class dynamic that this video chat was able to provide! It felt as though I was back in school in Regina with my fellow classmates. Being from Alberta I was super amazing of how easy it was for students from across the province to come together and learn through this course together.
  2. During the first class, we got introduced to the idea of creating our own professional learning networks. This involved building a positive online presence and sharing or interacting with others. I never realized how important it was for me to build an online presence. We were given many different tools in order to build our positive networks and I am beyond grateful that I was given this opportunity. It has truly enabled me to realize the purpose of being online. Having a positive online presence means being able to share your thought with the world and being able to share different types of resources or ideas
  3. One of the main aspects of being online that I was introduced with was blogging. I had never put much thought or effort in about how great of a tool blogging really is. This class had enabled me to build on my own eportfolio and set myself up better for the future. I learnt how to navigate my dashboard and how to organize my pages, categorize, and also how to navigate my widgets and menus. I also learned how to write detailed posts, how to insert links and images as well as how to add videos into my blog posts. This has allowed me to improve on my blog and improved my presence online.
  4. Another major portion of our WordPress blogs was my learning project in which I was able to take something I was interested and learn more about it. I choose cooking as it is something that I have always loved doing and wanted to learn more about. I was able to take this lesson and learn more about it through images and videos of myself learning how to cook! Each week I explored different types of online and written recipes as well as having some added help by my father who is an excellent cook himself. This enabled me to figure out which cooking recipes and websites that best suited my learning style. As I learned through experience, not all websites worked well for me. Some worked better than others but that’s why its called a learning project for us to learn through the process. Looking back at my learning posts I can figure out the many means of progress that I have made though out the weeks of my learning which were all technology means.
  5. One of the other ways we learned about building our positive network was twitter! Twitter has quickly become one of the best ways of sharing information and resources that I have found. I never would of thought of using twitter for education or using it for networking. I started by creating a profile by stating the university I attend, my program, and also my track and field. I made sure that I included by WordPress website. I learned how to make appropriate tweets and used the EDTC300 hashtag so that my fellow classmates could view the resources or information that I posted online. I also learned how to retweet. One of the things that I never knew before was how you could retweet something and also write something about it. This enabled me to rewet things that I saw interesting on twitter and allowed me to rewet something in my own words or own thoughts. I began following my fellow classmates and other professional teachers on twitter in order to build my network. One of the things I was excited to learn and be a part of was the saskedchat. I had no idea that these chats even existed and I realized how interactive they are! The more I was on twitter the more I realized that twitter was about building a community and network. It is a place for people to share various types of resources, stories, and information. I never thought about being able to learn and connect with teachers and educators from around the world.
  6. I learned about the dangers of students online as well with the presentation of Alec Couros who came and presentenced his thoughts one evening as part of our class. He spoke about the dangers that exist today as part of technology and things that we need to be aware of as upcoming teachers. He explained what it means for the schools, teachers and communities. A few of the word he used were “sexing”, “catfish,” , “cyberbullying”, and many others. However, we also shared the benefits of technology and how it can help us in building and forming new positive relationships and the spread of knowledge that online resources can create. We spoke a lot of our identities and how it is often impossible to separate our online and offline selves which brings us to the topic of digital identity. Technology is a way that we represent ourselves and is something that is becoming more and more prominent in today’s society. The way we present ourselves is something that many of us have to watch for. I also learned about the teachers’ role in onine safety and preparing students for safe use of the internet and also how to prevent students from the dangers of online. We have to make sure out students know the importance of acting professional online. You need to be caucious of who you are communicating with and that is one of the main aspects that I learned in this class. Different types of social media accounts are being used so much in the pre teens and teens and this is something that me as an educator need to be aware of. You have to be aware of the type of information you give outthere and the types of things that you are positing because it can be detrimental.

Thanks to everyone for making a super fun and successful semester! It has been an exceptional month and a half! Can’t wait to see you all soon!


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