Contribution of other’s blog post

Over the semester I have gained a wide range of communication skills through out my online journey in my EDCT300 class. I have been able to both contribute and learn new ways if learning through others in our class. Being able to learn through others and interacting with them i is something I both enjoyed and provided benefits for me as a student and learner. I was able to attain many different class networks that will help me in the future as an educator through the friendships and positive networking relationships.

One of the main components of EDTC300 that I learned was about my Personal Learning Network or PLN. To be truthfully honest I didn’t even know what this word meant or the value of it towards my education. I didn’t really have much of a PLN as I did not learn much about it. Thanks to this class and our super amazing professor Katia! I began to start using my PLN mostly by creating my twitter account and my own blog. From creating those account and being active on them, I have begun to create my own PLN and I have contributed to other peoples PLN.

I found that the most useful site was on my twitter handle. I quickly learned how many types of resources and information twitter offers and how interactive it is. Before I started this course I had no idea how to do anything on twitter. I didn’t even know what it meant to “retweet.” However, after I began to start uploading posts and commenting on other’s I learned how to properly use twitter in a proper manner. I began to tweet everyday and I have began to use twitter in order to stay up to date with what my classmates are discussing and finding interesting. I have made over a hundred tweets and went from 3 to 41 followers in just two short months! I have also been sharing articles and other resources that I have found on feedly that I enjoy a lot! Feedly is a website with hundreds and hundreds of resources and articles relevant to Education and life in general. I used Feedly a lot to help with my learning project as it contained a bunch of interesting recipes.

I find twitter to be a good platform to give feedback and to find good resources from fellow classmates and educators. Through out my EDTC journey I began to use more of twitter’s features such as retweeting, using other hashtags and posting more of my own posts.

I was able to have the opportunity to participate in the sask ed chat have

which was very interactive and easy to use! Twitter chats are a great way to stay connected with other teachers both in Saskatchewan and from different parts of the world. I love to hear other people’s thoughts and perspectives and having my thoughts shared with other educators as well.

I also used the EDTC 300 blog hub, through this I could easily access my classmates blogs and see what they are posting about. I found this hub to be highly important in the way I was able to comment and communicate with others in the class. I really enjoyed reading about other people’s learning projects and see how much progress they were making through them! I found that they were all very individualistic, creative and fun. I read alot about people’s posts being about cooking, running, baking or ASL. I often commented on the posts that I found very interesting. Below are some photos of the comments I made on people’s blogs. 








I also made my comment on google community. Google community was a fantastic way to ask any questions that you have or ask for help!



Here are the comments that I made on other’s twitter accounts




















Huge thanks to everyone that made this class so fun and interactive! I loved every moment of it! Hope everyone has a great summer!


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