Learning project wrap up post!

I was so happy to have tried something new this summer even if it was only for a few months! I am super excited with the progress I have been able to make and how easy it actually was for me to step outside my comfort zone and finally learn how to cook! I’m not going to lie as the first few weeks went on I didn’t think I was going to do very well, however I definitely got a better take on things and eventually turned by photos of food into videos of myself making the food! I was initially pretty excited to be learning how to cook, and now that I have cooked for a couple months I have become very confident in my cooking ability! (to prove this, I will say that none of my family members got any type of food poisoning!) I have definitely been able to learn a lot through this process and am super happy I took the time and effort to learn something that I was interested in.

Online learning:

  1. One of the first steps to my online learning was through different types of websites. The first website that I found extremely helpful with my online learning was the allrecipes site. It gave me step by step directions of different types of food dishes and was very easy to follow. It gave me the steps I needed to be successful and ended up being a super fun one to follow as well! I began to use this recipe for many of my cooking pieces and began to love it more and more! This site is definitely one of my go to sites on cooking!
  2. The second account that was super interesting and resourceful for me was Feedly! When we first started our class this semester, my professor Katia, recommended this site for us to use for our learning projects and education articles. I quickly started using this site for my learning project as well where I was able to get a wide range of recipes that were super eays to follow and fun to use. Many of the recipes are from peoples blog posts off the internet, however, they have a lot of cooking recipes, tips and information on cooking in their blogs. Thye also have visuals that they post on their blogs which makes it easier for visual readers such as myself.

I never knew how resourceful the internet really was until I began searching for elements of my learning project. I never took advantage of the types of things that were on the internet. I will take full advantage of this during my years at University and after that as well. I was able to gain a better understanding of technology through my learning project and understand the value of online learning. My online learning has been an amazing experience and I look forward to using these skills towards my teaching and the rest of my degree!

What I learned throughout the weeks of cooking:

Week 1: Clam Pasta

  • I gained an understanding of the ways to use recipes and how to organize the ingriedents while cooking
  • Learned how to buy the ingriednets that I needed
  • Getting familiar with how to use the stove and ovan successfully

Week 2:Lobster and steak

  • First time making lobster or steak
  • Learned how to shop for lobster (how to buy it based on looks and size)
  • Also learned how to shop for the right type of steak (again based on size and look)
  • Learned how to boil both of these items without burning or boiling them for to long
  • Learned how to marinate steaks
  • Realized how time consuming making a big dinner like this is
  • Learned how to wait patiently for the steak to marinate and for the lobster to boil

Week 3: Greek Ribs

  • Gained knowledge of a new website off of Just pinch
  • Learned how to be in the kitchen for 8 hours and wait patiently
  • Learned how to cut the meat and the importance of having a sharp bladed knife to cut them easier
  • Learnt how to properly season the ribs while they were boiling in water


Week 4: French toast

  • Learned how to bake the toast on an ovan
  • Main thing was that I learned how to add the appropriate mixings of cinnamon, and brown sigar


Week 5: Lasagna

  • Learned how to successfully take videos of myself cooking the meal!
  • Was introduced after researching and found a new website while I was very excited about from all recipes
  • Leaned how to cook the meat (I had to make sure that I was cooking the meat at a high enough temperate for it to cook but low enough so that it wouldn’t burn)
  • I learned how to make lasagna pieces by boiling them in my pot
  • Learned how to layer different types of cheese on top of lasagna
  • Learned how to successfully cut mushrooms in small enough pieces for it to boil and use in the lasaga layer
  • I learned that making lasagna isn’t as easy as it looks, you have to be able to cook the meat at a perfect temperature for it to taste well so that it sticks well with the other ingridents


Week 6: Denver Sandwiches

  • Wanted to make something that was relatively quick and be able to test how far I have come with my learning posts. Wanted to see how I would do with an easier and quicker recipe where I would be pressed for time and see how it would turn out
  • Learnt how to cook eggs, peppers and onions on an ideal temperature so that they would melt while learning that having the stove on level 6 was the ideal temperature
  • Learnt that I needed around 10-15 minutes to cook the bread and cheese in order for them to melt



Takeaways that I learnt through my learning project:

  1. Take the time to actually learn something. I have always been someone who is pretty impatient and during this learning project I learned that there are many things in like including cooking that I need to be more patient with in order to be successful.
  2. Step outside my comfort box. I never thought that I would be any good at cooking, however, being able to step outside my box allowed me to realize that I actually have passion for being in the kitchen!
  3. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. During my weeks in the kitchen there were things that I messed up on and things I thought I wouldn’t be able to recover but I learned that it Is okay to make mistakes when I am learning something new! The first time I made the Denver sandwiches I ended up having the ovan on to high of a temperature and burnt them the first go around. I had to go back and make a new video in order to recover the mistake I had! I went back and redid the video because I felt frusterated and didn’t want to embarrass myself. However, it enabled me to learn a lot about cooking in general and I learned the correct temperature and time to cook the buns!
  4. I learned so much from online resources. Through the recipes that I research I learned which websites worked best for me and which ones didn’t. There are ones that I will definaely be using in the future! I am glad I did some online learning because places such as FEEDLY allowed me to gain knowledge of cooking as well through tips and blog posts from other people

Overall, I am super happy with my progress in my learning project and am super happy that I choose cooking for it! I gained so much experience with cookng in general and gained confidence in my online learning! Thank you to everyone for helping me through this!



2 thoughts on “Learning project wrap up post!

  1. Awesome wrap up for your tasty learning project! All of your recipes looked delicious and I will definitely be trying some. The Greek ribs are calling my name! That’s so wonderful that you learned so much! I hope you keep cooking new things!! Loved following your posts.


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