Week 13: Code.org

For this week’s blog post I have chosen the second option from Code.org. I was instantly intrigued with how fun these games looked. The site combines learning in a fun and structured way. This in turn enables students to want to come back to the site and learn instead of not wanting to come back and learn from it. The app includes 15 computer science fundamentals courses that can be implemented as one unit or over the course of a whole semester. This app enables student to learn how to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills and persist through difficult tasks. It also helps them with computational thinking and digital citizenship. It provides excellent resources to give out to fellow teachers or colleges by sharing this handout. It helps with elementary school curriculum which will help in areas such as English, math and science from grades 3 to grade 5. One of the great things about this website is that any teacher can use it free of charge. It gives an overview of the curriculum values and professional learning values both of which I found extremely important.

I found this app to be super fun and interactive! I felt like I was back in my child days playing this game! The game is an excellent way to keeps students engaged and making sure that they are learning something beneficial. One of the great things that the app offers is choice. Students or children are able to choose from a wide variety of code choices. They are able to choose things such as star wars theme, frozen theme, or various other ones. As Katia explained in class there is also on option for various types of languages. Students coming from different countries are able to access it in their own languages. I din’t think being a 21 year old that I would have as much fun as I actually did with playing it! Having to pass each level definitely was challenging as the levels got harder and harder each level that you passed. I felt very accomplished the more levels that I surpassed.

I learned that students can have fun while also learning in this super interactive website. One of the main things that I gained an understanding for was how important it is for students to learn about coding. Learning how to code will help students with their math and English skills.

The first thing that I will include in my post will be a screen cast of how to use the game and what it includes. I started the screen cast with an overview of the code game that I chose. The one that I did was Star Wars which is designated for grades 2 and up. The very first thing I recorded on the screen cast was the description of the game which included experience, technology, language, and length. I then went to the start button which brought me up to the next page of the game. I chose the “Blocks” try now game. The thing that I really enjoy about the game was how it provides an introduction video of the thought behind the game and how it is played. This gives a nice overview for students to know how the game is played. It then gives viewers a brief description in the left hand side next to the “run” button. I really enjoyed how interactive the game is. Students have to think in their mind about the moves they have to make in order to successfully complete each level. This helps not only their mental math but also their cognitive thinking. I demonstrated on my screen cast the different levels of the game. As you can see the levels do get more difficult each on that you do. However, what is nice about the game is that it does give a description of how to do each level in the top of the screen. It gives students a choice of how many points they want and which cartoons they want. Once students get to level 7 the game itself changes a little bit. Instead of choosing the direction of where to go they have to use arrows instead on the left hand side. Once students complete level 15 they are rewarded with a certificate.

Here is my screen cast of the code game:


Here is a step by step representation of my progress through the game: First level Second level

Third level

3Fourth level

Fifth level

Sixth level

Seventh level

Eighth level

Ninth level


Tenth level



Eleventh level

Twelfth level

Thirteenth level

Fourteenth level


Each person that completed the game receives this certificate of completion! 

Here is the certificate of me completing the code game! Felt super accomplished!


I am very excited to share that I completed all the required levels and that was able to show my progress!


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