Progress made on my learning project!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on my learning project and thought a video would be better to use to document some of my progress so far! One of the things I have learned through my first few weeks of my learning project I have found that patience is key to any skill that you are wanting to learn. There are a few different websites that I found to be more effective and easier to learn than others. I have included the ones that I liked compared to the ones I didn’t like in my recent blog post.


I found this website to contain a lot of step to step instructions. Their ingredients were very easy to understand and for me being more of a visual learner I found this website to be more effective in my learning style. An added benefit to this website was also the amount of recipes they have to offer. I have been focusing more on breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and this website included a ton of variations. It provides quick and easy recipes on days that I am busy and want something to be easy to make. Here is the recipe website . 




The website allows you to watch a descriptive video on how to make the meal which helps aid visual learners! I also like how it includes how long the meal takes so that I can plan my day around how much time my meal will take me to cook. The other main thing I love about this website is how it contains a checklist on the ingredients tab so that I am able to check off certain ingredients I have. This allows me to keep myself focused on the ingredients I need to buy or already have available!

The next good website I have found is actually on my Feedly account! This account has given me a wide range of recipes that I can make based on people blogging their own experience of it! The recipes are based on people’s blog posts! They talk about how they make the dishes or meals and how the meals are made. The blog posts also include tons of visuals so that you can visually see what and how they are making. These meals are a big more complex however, if you are able to make them correctly they look like they could be amazing! I am super happy with the way these meals are displayed. The main difference with the meals on this website is that they are based on more individual blogging and individual experience rather than straight recipes and directions. Both of these websites have been huge positives for me and I am glad I spent the time researching some of the better ones for my learning!



This is the main page of a recipe that appears on my Feedly account. It gives a brief description of the author and the cook.



One of the websites I found to be less appealing is one that I found from taste of home


 This website was not as structured and not as easy to navigate for myself. It had a bit different layout in terms of the main page.

The main page of this website was a bit harder for me as it looked a lot different than the other websites. One of the reasons I didn’t like this one as much was the steps that it included to make the meals. The website only includes 2 steps for each meal which does not give a lot of direction. I found it very difficult for me to understand how to do each step because it didn’t give me a lot of direction. Here is a photo of the directions tab.


Overall, I am very happy with the progress I have made. I have made a lot of learning progress in the way I am able to follow recipes and how I cook my meals. I will continue to do further research on different online resources and will continue to update all of you on my learning progress! Stay tuned! The progress I have made is mainly due to the research I have done on different recipes and which ones work better for me as a learner! If anyone has some good websites to try let me know! 



6 thoughts on “Progress made on my learning project!

  1. Hi Laura,
    I am also a big fan of all recipes! very easy to follow instructions and the pictures are always helpful!
    Not sure if it would work for you or not but have you ever tried
    It uses an interesting algorithm to bring the recipes you are most likely to want.

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