Week 9- Digital Identity

I have decided to focus on the second option and have decided to focus on my own digital identity and Cybersleuth’d myself. 

When I Cybersleuth myself there are a few different things that show up.I have researched myself several times and the same things have showed up on a continuous basis. Sometimes I look myself up for fun to make sure that there aren’t any weird things showing up of myself on the internet. Some of the websites that show up are of myself including my roster page for the University Track team, my Facebook, my twitter account and various recruiting and track and field statistics articles. None of these are bad resources however, I have to be sure that both my Facebook and twitter are well maintenance. 

When I research my name this is what appears  on the google search engine:



The first thing that shows up is my  University of Regina Track and Field page.  It shows my previous seasons profile page. Track and Field is one of the main ways that I view myself as a person and as an athlete. It is something that I consider my identity. Here is a snippet of the profile page that will appear when you click on that website. Within this site it includes a photo of my head shot as well as my sprinting photograph. If anyone were to question my athleticism they could reference this page. It gives my full name as well as the year of eligibility I am in, where I went to High School. If you go down further on the website it will include my stats from last year’s season.  2.PNG



The next thing that shows up is my Facebook Profile. There are numerous Laura Huck’s on Facebook so those that are trying to find me would have to know what I look like or where I live. My own Facebook account shows up on the seventh one down. Therefore, people would have to be actively searching me to find me (hopefully.) However, the same thing that happened to Katia as she explained last night also has happened to me too. I have had numerous males try to add me from various parts of the world (example, India, Pakistan, Mexico ect.) I have never tried to research them however, now that I know how to google search an image I definitely will if I get another odd add by someone I do not know. 



The next thing that comes up is an article from Cochrane Times. This article was published for my High School track and field City championships. 


Lastly, the fourth photo was a picture of two of my teammates at the Canada Summer Games two years ago that I had posted on an Old Twitter account. I was a little shocked when I saw it because I had forgotten that photo even existed. I also forgot that I still had the twitter account as I thought I had deleted it. I do not use the account however, since I never formally delete it it still appears when I research my name.



The next things about me that I research are the bottom two things which are both track and field stat pages. These are the main other track websites that appear on the search engine. 


The first website of myself is labelled the IAAF website . It stands for International Athletics Association Federation. Any athlete that competes in Track and Field at a national level receives one of these profiles which tracks their personal best times. When you click on the website this is the first thing that shows up:6.PNG

As you can see in the image above the main site page include my birthday, athletics Canada IAAF code, home country as well as my Facebook, twitter and email links.

This website actually tracks all of my personal best times to this day. Each time that I run a personal best time the new time will appear on this website. It includes my season bests where it will show the best times I have run this year. It includes both indoor and outdoor personal best times that I have run. It also includes the cities that I have run those times in. 7.PNG

It also includes my progression rate. The progression rate will include each year that I run my events and what my times are. This allows people to see how I am constantly improving my times each year that I run. For example:


You can see that I have improved each year in the 200m on a consistent basis.

The last website of myself was the NCSA website which stands for National Center for Super computing Applications. It is an online recruiting website for college athletics all throughout the United States. It includes a track and field photo of me when I ran in high school, my track and field club team names, my height, age, and the personal best times of all of my Track and Field main events (ones that I run in competitively.) They tracked my progress throughout my high school career and put in on their website where any future coaches contacted me. I was contacted in my grade 12 year by some schools where they initially looked at this page after entering my name and researching me. Here is a photo of the website:


After I was finished researching the types of articles and images that I have online I then went to the video section where I found a video of myself at the very top of the page.


This was the video that appeared. It is a video of my grade eleven 100m hurdles race in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was being used as a video for my NCSA website which was for recruitment to the United States.


In terms of my own digital identity as a teacher, I believe that one of the main ways I will identify myself will be as an athlete and as an educator. I plan to continue my athleticism in different sports such as squash or trail running, something that keeps me motivated and in shape. Being an athlete is something that I have been blessed and privileged with that I never want to give up. To me and to many others around me including family., friends, and teammates I am considered to be a determined and motivated athlete and I don’t think that will ever change. I have put unlimited numbers of hours and focus on my athletic endeavor and think it will always be something part of me even when I am a teacher. I plan to teach middle school physical education so therefore, will always be in a sport part of mind. Part of my teaching identity will be sports and healthy living. I am very passionate for sports and wellness and would love to be able to pass this along to my future students. I believe that teaching them these skills will enable them to grow as students and as individuals. The article that I read on Split Image really hit home to me. As a University athlete being a student athlete can be hard and at times can feel unbarring. Having something like Track and Field can become so much of your identity that you can feel pressured to perform well. I have often had moments like this where I have a bad competition and feel as thought my entire athletic identity is over. This was also the case for the girl mentioned in the article. You can’t let your whole identity dictate who you are as a person. Even though I consider my identity as being an athlete I don’t only focus only being a track and field athlete. My identity as both a student and a teacher include: healthy wellness, determined, focused, helping, caring and many others aspects that make up my identity as a whole. When I’m a teacher I want to be able to enforce the fact that identity can be your whole life to my students. To many athletes such as the girl in the article thought that unless she was perfect with everything she had no purpose. Being perfect is not the most important part of being a student or an athlete because at the end of the day we are only human. Furthermore, my teaching identity will in part being able to transfer my passion and athletic determination into my students. One of my main goals is being able to help teach them the love for sports as much as I have.



One thought on “Week 9- Digital Identity

  1. You found lots of great stuff on yourself! I liked all the screenshots in your posts. I think that all the information on your participation in track will bode well for you when you’re looking for a teaching job 🙂


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