Week 6- Guest Speakers

Today in schools there is a larger demand for technology based learning. As Alec explained last night in the session 73% of children 8 and older have cell phones meaning that more children are on social media at a younger age. This means that children are exposed to these types of online resources at an earlier age. Students now day’s know more about technology than some of us will which is a frightening thought. For our future classrooms it means learning from a new lens. Students will be learning more from online resources as opposed to the traditional pen and paper methods. Students will be participating more from technology instead of face to face. When we look at communication, communication has changed drastically. Students now communicate and interact over social media and technology now. That is a concept that we as teachers need to understand. There will be some major changes happening within the next generation of children. For schools in general it means making sure children and students understand how to properly project themselves. They have to understand that there is such a thing as a bad presence on social media. One of the main concepts students need to learn is the damage that social media can do to them. They also need to learn that all photos are permanent. Once you have a photo on the internet it will be there forever. As Alec said in his lesson, many people have a handle on getting your personal information from an earlier age now days.

I found the video from Wesch very interesting. He said in the video that there is 88% new and original content on you tube from 2008. The time it took for the internet to become a popular and reliable source is unbelievably. YouTube has now become one of the most important pieces of video communication in the world. Millions of people share and view photos from you tube every single day. One of the stats that he put in the video was that there are 9232 hours per day of you tube uploaded every day. Wesch explains in the video that YouTube is a new form of community that builds global connections. The web is a celebration of new possibilities. I believe this is something that we should be teaching students. He used the example of a dance and signing video that went viral and was something that people connected with all around the world.

The web is about linking people in a way we never thought about linking it before. Everyone and everything is being linked. People now are able to collaborate across time of space now over the internet as both Alec and Wesch explained. One thing that Wesch mentioned that I found interesting was when he said “When media changes then human relations change.” That is something that I never thought about before.

One of the things that I made a link with between the media and school is that the 18-24 age group is the highest and strongest on You Tube/media. Over all I found the topics that were brought up in class this week were very engaging for me! I loved learning these new things and I believe it will help me in the future as a teacher.


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