Week 5- App Review

I choose to review a reading and writing website called Story Starters by Scholastic. The website is designed to develop and strengthen children’s writing skills. The app itself can be used in the classroom which will help Elementary School Children. The app itself allows students to choose between 4 different types of writing themes including Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or a scrambler which will choose for you.

Then the students just have to clock on the next page where they enter their grade level and name.

From there, students click on the spinner and it provides them with a writing prompt such as:

After the topic is generated it takes you to the next section where the student will have to pick the layout they want for their story.

Once they have finished they can draw a picture and then print or download it. Just like that, they have created a piece of writing that is fun and unique for them to make.

This app is a way for students to write from a creative side of thinking. They are able to have fun with writing while also learning the skills that they need to learn from an early age. Each time a student finishes whatever they are writing they are able to print their work. This is a way for the teachers to have an assessment done and to assess their students progress. This website is designed to help students write by helping them through the idea of creation. Often times (especially for younger grades) it is hard to find a topic that is suitable for an enjoying for them. This app allows students to choose whichever topic that want.

Pros of the website include:

  • Free app
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable source

Some of the Cons:

  • Only for grades K-6
  • The drawing option is hard to use especially for younger students
  • Students could get bored after a few times of using it

I really enjoy the program overall! I believe that this program would work best for grades 2-4 as they have very imaginative ideas and are willing to learn new things.









One thought on “Week 5- App Review

  1. Thank you for sharing and explaining this website that focuses on writing for elementary school children. I had never heard of this tool before reading your post. The only suggestion I have is to add a link to the Story Starters website. That way your readers would have quick access to it.


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