Week 4- Twitter

I do not have much experience on Twitter. Most of my social media account has always been for more of a personal reason and not for education. I believe that this class will allow me to grow more comfortable with Twitter and the ways to use it from an educational standpoint. I have been exploring twitter during the past few classes and I am slowly becoming more comfortable with how to use it. Twitter in the classroom to me is a way to communicate with others. It is a great way to obtain different types of resources as well. It contains millions of different articles that can be helpful and resourceful depending on what you are looking for.

I found the Saskedchat super engaging for myself. I enjoyed it much more than I think I expected myself to. I learned a lot more information on the topic as well as getting more used to tweeting. I have defiantly grown to like twitter. It is a super fun way to learn through the use of different people and different articles that are constantly being added. I believe that I will be someone who uses Twitter as an educational resource in the future and I will hopefully be able to grow more of a professional network.


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