Week 2- Learning Project Post

I have chosen Cooking for my learning project. I am very excited to be learning something that I have not had much training for. I have never had the opportunity to learn much about cooking. One of the main motives for learning how to cook was from https://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/ayeshas-home-kitchen

Being an athlete I have to take certain considerations for my diet in order to train and compete at high levels. My diet changed considerably once I came to University after I left home and I never learned how to cook good and delicious meals before I left.  I want to be able to cook many different meals by the time I come back to school and one of the main resources that I have found so far have been from https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/eat-athlete. Many of the meals on this website target individuals who work out a lot on a daily basis. It contains a bunch of healthy meals that are fairly short time wise.

The idea behind my desire to start cooking was to allow myself to be more comfortable with cooking my own meals. I also wanted to become more comfortable with accessing online recipes. There are some easier meals that you can find on many different online sites that are good when I am running short of time or when I am feeling lazy. I have always loved food and have always wanted to cook my own meals. I love the feeling of being in the kitchen and making different meals. Growing up my dad did all the cooking, however, I never really learned how to cook anything by myself. I have never been in the kitchen by myself so that was why I thought it would be a good learning experience for me. I have cooked very basic meals before such as; cereal, pancakes, grilled cheese, pasta and some other ones that don’t require much time or skill. My goal is to learn how to make more healthy and bigger meals so that I can able to challenge and add on to my existing knowledge in the kitchen.

I have divided my learning project into three different sections including; Pre-meal (ingredients), during, and after (the final product)
















One thought on “Week 2- Learning Project Post

  1. Laura, I think learning to cook is an amazing Learning Project and such a useful skill to have! I am the complete opposite of you, I have never been very athletic but have always loved to cook! It definitely takes lots of practice, many mistakes, and some fine tuning of online recipes to meet your desired tastes but my favourite part of finding recipes online is finding something new that turns out great and becomes a family favourite! I cannot wait to follow you on your foodie journey! Happy cooking!


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