Week 1- Introductory Blog Post

Hi Everybody! My name is Laura and I am pretty unfamiliar with Education technology. I have Instagram, and Facebook, however, like some of us shared in class, all my social media accounts to this point are of my personal life. I have never thought about the education part of social media which is why I was really excited about this course. I don’t have a lot of experience with education technology. I have set up my first twitter account so I look forward to having that one more education based. I know there are a lot of educational resources through twitter or other social media accounts which is exciting for me. I also hope to understand different ways that teachers can communicate with teachers over social media. Being online and sharing things with parents has become more the norm so I think it is important for me to start learning those things! I am also joining to provide my twitter link so anyone who wants to follow my journey is more than welcome to follow me on twitter!





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