Week 10: Curriculum as Literacy

My parents raised me knowing was how to work hard for what I wanted. From an early age, I knew that I had to work hard for the things or for the goals I wanted to aspire in the future. Sports were a big contributor to this and my parents put me in multiple sports and activities to figure out which one I liked best. When I started Track and Field I instantly fell in love with. The track brought my passion and I had goals of becoming a really good and competitive runner.  Track and field is ultimately where I learned about the value of determination and how to be motivated each day to pursue something I really wanted. I was very privileged in the sense that my parents spent a lot of time and money on helping me pursue my athletic goals. They would spend hours watching me outside on cold rainy days at track meets and would pay hundreds of dollars for track coaching when I needed it. I grew up in a very privileged household that I always took for granted. Looking back, I am extremely thankful for the type of upbringing and childhood I am able to call mine. In my schooling, I took the lessons of determination and motivation I had in sports into the classroom. This made me appreciate that doing well in schooling meant that I had to study and work hard for good grades. One of the biases I bring to the classroom is the assumption that every student that is unprivileged has the same problems. I was never brought up in an unprivileged family so I don’t know what it feels like to be in those situations. Not every student reacts in the same way that others do when they are struggling. I always assumed that they all came from poor families who had nothing. However, I now know that is not the case and that there are many different forms of unprivileged. This is the mindset that I wish to bring to my future classroom in order to help students. I hope to work towards anti-bias education in my classroom.


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