Week 7: The Importance of Place: Teaching and Learning about Decolonization and Reinhabitation

Before I read the article, I had no idea what these words meant. I had no knowledge of these foreign concepts. However, once I read the article I began to understand what these words actually meant. This reading helped me understand that rein habitation requires connection and understanding on one’s surrounding. The article displayed learning from elders which is an excellent way of understanding. This was crucial because it allowed the students to directly participate in decolonization and experience the way their elders might have learned.

Reinhabitation and decolonization would be very difficult to achieve without the support of elders and older people within the community. They are able to offer students with information and knowledge. I believe there are multiple ways I can adapt these ideas into my classroom.

As a future educator, I will try to make treaty education a priority of mine and expose my students to different learning styles. I would also arrange for elders to come and speak with my students or plan field trips around sacred and learning atmospheres. I believe alders would be a great took for teaching indigenous ideologies. Almost all Indigenous ways of learning can be incorporated into any subject whether it can Math, by learning to count beads, to history and learning about the land beneath them.


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