Blog post week 6- February 15th

The three types of citizenships that were mentioned in the article were:

  1. The personally responsible citizen
  2. The participatory citizen
  3. Justice-oriented citizen

The reading mentions that a personally responsible citizen is one who acts responsibly for his/her community. Throughout my elementary years, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in several community events. We used to do what was known as a “liter clean up” where we would go around the schoolyard and each one of us was responsible for picking up at least 5 items of garbage. There was also a recycling program implemented in my school and each time we brought some sort of recycling to school we were responsible to put it in the recycling bin. We were taught to respect and obey the rules of both the school and society. When I was a bit older my peers and I would participate in an annual food drive where we could collect food items and send them to less fortunate families during the Christmas season. I was involved with my band program at the school as well and we would help out in the community by going to perform at nursing homes. With my band program in junior high and high school, we would do an annual food drive as well to help people in our communities. These were a few of the events that I was fortunate to participate in throughout my schooling.

I wasn’t involved in that many participatory citizen activities in my school. However, in both my junior high and high school in Alberta, we did learn a great deal of information about the political aspects of societies. We learned about how to run meetings, problem solve, negotiate and come to a consensus. The main ways we learned these elements were through videos, lectures and several field trips and guest presentations. We learned many things that guided us as individuals. I gained many valuable lessons on how to pay more attention and ways to teach what is happening around us and political actions around the world.

The Justice Oriented Citizen learning is something that I do not have a lot of experience with. A large part of this citizenship involves collaborating and sharing ideas. One of the big parts is how we can make a change in our communities, provinces or even globally.

I am a person who enjoys volunteering and making changes in my community. One of my hopes is to be able to gain ways for me to teach these types of citizenships. These types could also be made a higher priority in the curriculum in many of the schools across the country and provinces.

I was involved with track and field at an early age where we would go around and do bottle drives to raise money for our communities as well. We would do this on an annual basis.


One thought on “Blog post week 6- February 15th

  1. Your post was very well done! It is very good that you enjoy volunteering as many people do not even think about lending their time to something without getting paid nowadays. I think schools should teach about these citizenships as well, as not many students know of them or that they are even helping a cause when they do a bottle drive for example.


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