Blog Post week 5: February 8th

Before reading:

I believe that the development of curriculum has been subject to change as the educational content changes. The curriculum is bound to change due to new advancements and new information. The curriculum has gone through some drastic changes throughout the past century and it is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The way we instruct and teach the information is also changing and has gone through many changes already. I believe that the current techniques that are being used will continue to change and will be different than those used in previously. I believe that curriculum is formed a number of powerful parties including the ministry of education and a board of education. These are the two that I have found most inspirational.

After reading:

I believe that many educational decisions are made with a dollar value in mind which makes education very political. In this chapter, I gained a new understanding of how the curriculum is created. The curriculum for schools is created by positions in the federal government system. The big influence of the government and politics is a little overwhelming to me because I do not tend to be involved in a lot of politics. However, it troubles me that most student’s interests are not concerned with various changes in education. I don’t understand the fact that curriculum is so secretive. It bothers me how we have certain “hidden curriculums” that are kept from student’s knowledge. I truly believe that curriculum shouldn’t be hidden and that it doesn’t need to be so political. Teachers such as myself will need to be able to adapt to these changes that will come into the curriculum especially with the election of new political leaders. As I progress through my education career I will become more involved in politics and become more of an activist for changes I believe in involving education


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